Bing Analtics What Causes a Bird Problem?

What Causes a Bird Problem?


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In the vast majority of cases, the source of the bird problem will be the deliberate and persistent feeding of pigeons by the general public, whether that be via bird tables, open rubbish bins or discarded fast food containers, and the purposeful feeding of pigeons in parks and open spaces. This access to plentiful nourishment means the birds can breed all through the year. The birds favour positions high up on buildings as these are safe areas to roost and nest away from predators, whilst also giving the pigeons and other birds a good vantage point from which to see the surrounding area.

Urban environments are growing, and with the proliferation of food sources in combination with high roosting areas, they have become pigeons' and birds' preferred habitats. If the source of the pigeon problem is not dealt with, it will continue unabated, which is one of the main reasons why pigeon populations worldwide have continued to grow unchecked.

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