Bing Analtics Mary Blackie, Reigate Surrey

Mary Blackie, Reigate Surrey


01626 835055

I do not use your bird spikes to keep off the birds. I use them to stop the local cat population from using my garden as a toilet! My garden is very small and in the summer I plant it out with bedding plants. In the autumn the plants die off and when the cats do their business on the bare soil they very often killed the spring bulbs when they start to come through! So now in the autumn - as soon as I have taken up the old bedding plants, I position your bird spikes on the flower beds in a zig zag pattern so that there isn’t any space for the cats to squat. The system works very well indeed. I carry on using them when I first put out the bedding plants - but when they are established I stack the spikes up in a corner until needed again. I thoroughly recommend this spike system to anyone else with a cat problem.

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