Bing Analtics Sandra Midgley, St Ives

Sandra Midgley, St Ives


01626 835055

Thank you for sending the sample spikes. The regular spikes fitted perfectly. I meant to send this message to you yesterday afternoon and tell you that we'd ordered a supply (Friday at 2.50 pm) - but I didn't get chance, so intended to do it this morning instead. However, I've been overtaken by events - the order's been processed and the package arrived at The spikes are all in place!
The service we've had from Jones & Son has been amazing - I wish more companies could be half as good as you've been. We liked your video - professionally done, but by someone who knew what he was talking about and not some slick presenter. It's obvious that Jones & Son care about what they do and about looking after their customers. We've put the spikes on one side of the house, which is where the rooks seem to congregate and leave a mess. Hopefully this will cure the problem. However, if the rooks opt for another aspect of the house, we'll be straight back to you for more spikes.

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