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February 2018 - Defender Bird Spikes Blog


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Do not feed the seagulls

The laws that affect pigeons, seagulls and you

If you need to remove pigeons or seagulls from your home or business property, it is always best to research where you stand when it come to the law. Did you know, it’s not the pest control company that is liable to ensure the work is legal, but you as the property owner?

Everything you need to know about pigeon spikes

Everything you need to know about bird spikes

Bird Spikes are the most reliable and humane method of bird proofing a property, even the RSPB recommend pigeon and seagull spikes. However, there are many different types, sizes and ways to install them. Here we answer those questions, making the decision of what to buy much simpler.

Pigeon and Bird Droppings - How to safely remove them!

How to Safely Remove Bird Droppings From Your Property

Pigeons and birds can leave behind an awful mess of droppings and debris. Preparation and cleaning of an area before installing bird spikes is very important but can be a little daunting. Here is some great information, advice and tips on how to safely remove bird droppings from your property, the legal disposal of waste and even a cleaning kit list.

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