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Below you will find wonderful testimonials from customers who have purchased our anti pigeon spikes and seagull spikes.


The spike I ordered were as it said on the tin. Just the job. I fitted them in my eaves and on the ridge tiles were the birds use to nest and sit. What a mess I had on the floor were our new conservatory was going to be. Since the spikes were fitted no mess at all the new conservatory is clean. Thank you very much.

Keith Dixon, Lilleshall, Shropshire.



Almost everyday pigeons had become apest problem for us, when they roosted on our property. They are not nasty or aggressive birds, however, the main problem they posed was regular damage to the guttering. The solution for us was to use (Jones and son) Ordering and delivery was quick and straight forward. We haven't looked back. There was a choice of spikes that were easy to fit, and equally keeps the pigeons off the guttering without harming them. We are so happy with this product.

David Pritchard, Telford



I have recently bought gullridge deterrents from you, thank you for your help once I had sent photos. The package arrived on the day promised, it is a pleasure to deal with somebody who knows the product and doesn't work from a set script. Satisfied customer.

Pete, Kendall



I needed to buy the spikes for a private home to position on the parapet at the top of the house. The spikes arrived safely and promptly. The special adhesive worked perfectly and I was able to attach them without a hitch. For weeks after the spikes were in position whilst the scaffolding still allowed observation, there was no evidence of any birds landing and fouling on the stonework. Incidentally, when I found out that I was one spike short, the company waived the full price of packaging and only charged a reasonable fee. I would use the product and company again without hesitation.

David Manning, Plymouth



I do not use your bird spikes to keep off the birds. I use them to stop the local cat population from using my garden as a toilet! My garden is very small and in the summer I plant it out with bedding plants. In the autumn the plants die off and when the cats do their business on the bare soil they very often killed the spring bulbs when they start to come through! So now in the autumn - as soon as I have taken up the old bedding plants, I position your bird spikes on the flower beds in a zig zag pattern so that there isn’t any space for the cats to squat. The system works very well indeed. I carry on using them when I first put out the bedding plants - but when they are established I stack the spikes up in a corner until needed again. I thoroughly recommend this spike system to anyone else with a cat problem.

Mary Blackie, Reigate Surrey



We only ever purchase our bird spikes from Jones & Son as they are so good. The clients who we fit the bird spikes for are delighted not to have to contend with the mess and inconvenience that pesky pigeons cause to their various properties!

Lorraine Bailey, Wickham Bishops, Essex


I purchased pigeon spikes from you a few weeks ago and am well pleased with the results. Indeed, they arrived so quickly, there was no chance to claim chocolates! I have just completed another order with you for an aerial spike pack and thought you might want to know that a company called Birdban is using your photo of the aerial installation on their website.

Dick Ellis
Amersham Auction Rooms


I recently bought some pigeon spikes from you, not that I have a pigeon problem, but I have a chicken problem! My current small flock of chickens had decided that they didn’t want to go into their coop at night and preferred to roost on the top of the coop. As I have a very expensive automatic door on it this was starting to annoy me, having to go down at around 10pm to shoo them in. Then I thought of your spikes and now no more roosting on the top of the coop and all are going in to roost properly. Result!!

Ian, nantybedd


Thank you for sending the sample spikes.  The regular spikes fitted perfectly. I meant to send this message to you yesterday afternoon and tell you that we'd ordered a supply (Friday at 2.50 pm) - but I didn't get chance, so intended to do it this morning instead.  However, I've been overtaken by events - the order's been processed and the package arrived at  The spikes are all in place!

The service we've had from Jones & Son has been amazing - I wish more companies could be half as good as you've been.  We liked your video - professionally done, but by someone who knew what he was talking about and not some slick presenter.  It's obvious that Jones & Son care about what they do and about looking after their customers. We've put the spikes on one side of the house, which is where the rooks seem to congregate and leave a mess.  Hopefully this will cure the problem.

However, if the rooks opt for another aspect of the house, we'll be straight back to you for more spikes.

Sandra Midgley.


Excellent product. My preference is the metal type asI think they may be more durable over time
The product has cut down bird waste which has resulted in a clean roof now for some years.
Also hopefully cut down on health risk as this waste falls from the roof into the garden and its furniture occassionaly.

Always recommended to friends and in particular a roofer friend of mine who has been using the product for some time now..

Tom Malone, Sale / Manchester





Customer service, deliveryand value for money excellent. Spikes are easy to fit and do the job, pigeons now banished!!!
V impressed with product and would recommend

Helen, Angmering, West Sussex


I just wanted to thank you for your very efficient service. Gull defender spikes & silicon ordered yesterday have just been delivered (Saturday 21/06). Excellent service, I hope the spikes prove to be equally effective!

Dr AJ Kennedy


Service and delivery great.

Jack Hills



The advice was great and helped me understand my bird problems. Once i ordered the delivery was with me next day! Service :-)

Mrs Bowden



Bird Spikes work a treat. Easy to install and works immediately.

Brian Wells



I cannot speak highly enough of your pigeon spikes - they have transformed my  life.  No more having to clear up piles of pigeon mess. They are 100% effective and are virtually invisible.  Also your delivery was so prompt; within 3 days from ordering they were installed by a very competant aerial man.  We wish your business well.

John Ensoll


Used to discourage an Owl from sitting on the ledges of a historic building and dropping white wash down the stone work? – The Owl has moved into the near by trees.

Lester Page


The sales staff were very helpful. The goods were delivered promptly, next day, well packaged to avoid damage and the order delivered complete. Finally what has been the overall effect on your life since installing the spikes? – It hasn't affected my life personally but am sure it has helped our client tremendously as pigeons were a major problem on the building, causing a health hazard and making the listed building unsightly.

John Mowberry



Just wanted to say that the spikes arrived this morning. Ordered yesterday afternoon; arrived before 11 a.m. to day - simply brilliant. we'll be fixing them this afternoon - as soon as the rain stops! Many thanks to the whole team for this excellent result.

Shuna Lindsay



Peggy Leatherhand

What excellent service. Have received my order today. Just washed down the wooden swing, will wait for it to dry, which should take all of 5 mins in this weather,then paint and fix the spikes. I will then be able to sit and relax on the swing.



J. Brimmer

The spikes have been placed as recommended by yourself. So far the pigeons have not been able to get through however they are continually trying to get through. Hopefully this works! We are keeping a constant watch and will update next week.



Sean Kearon

Well done, the spikes are good and all in place



Helen Wallis

I just wanted to say how much I love your website.  "Everything about the pigeon" is fascinating and informative - just brilliant!



Order of Defender8 spikes received very promptly and have now been fixed to roof of bird table.  So far no pigeons have landed, although they kept trying for a couple of days.  Great product and outstanding service.  Thanks



Paul Aldridge

We ordered 42 of the Defender 8 Steel Spikes (19 with Gutter Clips) and must say how impressed we were, such a simple design but so well manufactured.We ordered them at 2.30 on Wednesday 23rd May and Recieved them at the same time on Thursday 24th May by UPS.



Paul Ashworth,

I recently bought some pigeon spikes from you are they worked a treat and solved the problem I was having with wood pigeons. I thought I would send you a couple of pictures as perhaps you don’t often hear about them being used on childrens trampolines and garden swings.



Glen Marshal, QATAR

The spikes, in combination with netting in the open area of our patio moon dome here at the PEARL QATAR did the trick. The birds hung around our railings for a couple of days, but we have now not seen them for a week, albeit I now notice a roosting of pigeons on the next building.  I hope they are happy there!



Lorriane Fox,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful product! I have been plagued by wood pigeons visiting my next door neighbour's 'forest' for the last 3 years. After installing your spikes I have hardly seen a pigeon since - I can't believe it!! It only took me an hour to apply the spikes to my rather tall fence panels - and I am a lone woman. I can now enjoy all my climbing plants, mirrors, clocks and wall art free from all the dirt and noise created by  the birds. Many many thanks for a brilliant product - I wish you every success.



Caroline Stringer

Hi Emma, I'm so amazed and delighted that the pigeon spikes which I ordered just before 4pm yesterday were delivered before 10am this morning. That's incredibly good service, best I've encountered for a long time. I also very much appreciated your telephone advice and the samples you sent to ensure I ordered the right product. Real customer service and a human being answering the phone right away makes a refreshing change. I shall certainly be happy to recommend your company to other people with a pigeon problem.My son will also be delighted - he can spend part of his day off tomorrow installing them! Very many thanks again.


PSW Building Contractors

I would just like to write to tell you how impressed we are with your delivery service. I ordered these spikes at 4.30pm last night and they arrived with us at 9.30am this morning. Customers are quick enough to complain about bad service but not nearly quick enought to praise good service.


Nick, Volterra Italy.

It's a real pleasure to encounter such speedy and helpful service.


L Holden, Peterborough

Thank you for prompt dispatch. Received today.


Derek Didcock  Abox Facilities, Abingdon

We have ordered pigeon deterrent spikes from you on several occasions and would like to say that your service is second to none. Delivery has always been very efficient,and your products are easy to install and very effective in combating pigeons problems from window sills, roof tops, shop signage etc.


A Phillipson, Bedford

Good website, easy to order, fast service, easy to fit and they do exactly what you want them to do.  The birds sit somewhere else! Our patio and conservatory roof stay a lot cleaner


Simon, London.

Order dispatched in a timely fashion.  The spikes are easy to install and are an effective pigeon deterrent. The overall effect on my life since installing the spikes? – Limited overall effect on my life but it's definitely satisfying not to look out of my bedroom window to see an increasing amount of pigeon poop.


Olive, Tara Sign Ltd

I purchase the bird spikes for customers that ask for them to be installed at the same time as our fitters are putting up their signs. I can say that the speed of your deliveries is second to none. None of our customers have said they are unhappy with the bird spikes so we must assume they like them – believe me we would know if they didn’t!





Mary Walshe, Rugby, Warwickshire

Your bird spikes have been a blessing for us!  Now we can enjoy our seating area at any time, without all the hassle of cleaning down everything first.  Excellent delivery service and easy to instal - we will be recommending them to everyone.


June Delve  Hornchurch Essex

We were delighted with the aerial spikes.  They were very easy to install and instantly solved a very messy problem. The CD gave us some other ideas too.  They were delivered early the day after we ordered them. So - a very handy product and excellent service.


Brian Shubrook ,Chigwell,Essex IG76NF

Easy to fit and 100% effective in stopping the pigeons.We had new neighbours moving in recently ,who have been throwing bread onto the lawn for the birds.Unfortunately,they did not seem to realise that this only tends to attract pigeons,and we were inundated with a lot of pigeons congregating around both our house and next door,sitting on our top two windows,which have a small ledge protruding.We have a conservatory below and the consequential mess on the glass roof was awful.We ordered the spikes and since fitting,a simple job,the birds now sit permanently on next door`s window ledges!No more messy windows.........


Eric Lane, Rushden, Northants

Excellent product and superb service, ordered on a Friday, delivered Saturday morning, with everything  you need in TV aerial kit.   Spikes fitted to aerial with ties and adhesive, the aerial is on a gable end with a patio underneath. Pigeons stopped messing on to the patio the day the TV engineer fitted the spikes to aerial..   Brilliant product.


Arthur Meakin, Basingstoke.

I have been very satisfied with the response and advice to my questions before I made my purchase and the speedy delivery once I had made it. 100% result – The pigeons have found somewhere else to perch and foul.  Delighted.


Ivor Evans & Benjamin, Solicitors, Swansea.

We are very pleased with our new pigeon spikes.  The pigeons, however, are not!  Easy to fit and unobtrusive, the spikes really do deter the most determined pigeons. Pigeon-free ventilation!  We now have the freedome to open our windows as wide as we like without fear of feathered intruders.


Alan Carey, Birmingham.

Before, pigeons roosting and attempting to nest under eave of upper roof, causing early morning noise disturbance in the adjoining top-floor bedroom and producing droppings that blocked the lower roof gutter and down-pipe.  Result, noise nuisance removed, greatly reduced frequency for inspecting and cleaning out the gutter.


 Roger Boyce , Romsey, Hampshire 

Easy to install. Very effective in keeping pigeons off crucial area. Glue tube very practical. Before the spike we used to see fresh pigeon droppings on out back door step every day (due to a potty anti-social neighbour from hell who puts out excess bag full's of bird feed). Now we have a clean smart back door area. Job done! 


Steve Gaskell, Merseyside

I have actually tie wraped them along some telegraph wires to keep the birds away from my car when it's parked in the driveway. I know this use isn't advertised on your site but it has worked an absolute treat.  I can now wash my car confident that it will stay clean longer than 5 minutes and it saved me having to alter my driveway to avoid the problem .


gurminder mann, nottingham.

the spikes were just the ticket for keeping the pigeons off the garden swingeasy to install and highly effectivethe kids can now use the swing without having to wait for me to scrape off dried pigeon poo - everyone's a winner.


Robert Pavitt, London.

The spikes were easy to instal and worked very well, incredible effect, no more pidgeon dropping on my paintwork.


Mrs D. Thomas, Brostol.

Just want to let you know what a difference your "spikes" have made since they were installed a month ago. My path has been completely clear of any messy droppings - which always fell where people walk to the front door!

I will always recommend your product to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you for your prompt delivery and for the complete package.


John Gulliver 

Well let me start by saying THANK YOU i have had a problem with starlings/sparrows roosting on my  ham  radio  antenna.I have just installed your wonderful defender 4pigeon spikes and not one bird of any description as landed on my antenna.To be honest i was a little worried about what might happen when i installed them butthere was not need to have been concerned at all.Pleas feel free to ad this to yourcostumer comments on your web page.I have also added a picture of the inselation if you would like to use the.I have told some of my ham radio frendsabout your products so you might be having a few more orders.Thank you great service quick delivery and good communications gerat job.


J.A.Hodgskinson. East Riding of Yorkshire.

I am delighted with the effect of the spikes which have been fitted to the television aerial and  adjacent ridge tiles which prevent the collared doves alighting thereon.    I was also pleased with the service of your organisation, especially the instructional DVD, which was an ideal "idiots guide"4.  We can now enjoy the full benefit of the garden terrace, recently constructed to the rear of the house, over which the TV aerial was positioned.  Unfortunately, the birds proved to be a dreadful nuisance with their droppings on to the terrace, and even repositioning the aerial had no effect. (All we need now is some warm dry weather!).


Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool Association, Swindon.

A fast efficient prompt service (Received within 48 hours of placing order) good support material. Easy to use and fix in situ. We no longer have a pigeon problem on our security cameras and lights.


Amanda, Englefield Green, Surrey.

We recently purchased some pigeon spikes on line and have had our sleeping patterns transformed!  I can’t understand why we didn’t do it three years ago when we moved here!

No longer are we disturbed at 3, 4 and 5 in the morning as our feathered friends, land, wiggle and coo continually!  Our sleep patterns have been restored, now we just need to work on the ‘remains’ of the bird presence outside!!


Caroline Daly, London.

My package arrives this morning at 9.45 everything is great but I just wanted to say "thank you" because when I placed my order over the internet yesterday I made a mistake and forgot to add some other things.   My partner told me it would be no good speaking to you because you would tell me I could order the other things but I would have to pay post & packaging again he said, they will be no different to B&Q, Argos, Wickes, screw fix etc well he was wrong!!   I phoned you yesterday and you were very helpful and you let me order the extra things and told me you would put then with my original order at no extra cost.   It was really nice to deal with a company that put their customers first "very refreshing".   Many thanks


Lylian Fero, Miami, Florida

I can sleep better without the beautiful pigeons, no more mess on the driveway or my car. Your product makes me feel safe and happy.


Mrs Winn, Torquay

After reading the website i purchased the TV aerial pack and it worked immediately after installation. No more cleaning up after the pigeons on the footpath.


Peter Charnley, Pinner, Middlesex.

Our problem was that pigeons sat on our house gable end, and made a terrible mess on the glass of the conservatory roof. I've stuck spikes, to the edge of our roof tiles, so that the pigeons can no longer sit there. This is a total solution to our problem, but there are now a lot of pigeons on our neighbours roof. Thank you for a great product.


Peter Lawson, Canterbury

having searched builders merchants, agricultural merchants and similar for a solution to birds perching on timber 'doors' of our converted barn i sourced your company on the internet. I found the service and speed of delivery excellent and the product has cured my problem of unsightly bird mess down the front of our barn. Installation was very easy and so was cutting the spikes to fit under some eves. An excellent service and product. Peace of mind and no need to look at unsightly mess to the front of the home. No need for regular time consuming cleaning and painting.


Iain Wilson, Whitley Bay

For 6 years now we have suffered from Pigeons roosting on our Television Aerial which is positioned just above a newly constructed Conservatory. The problem that comes with roosting pigeons is a large amount of pigeon waste. This waste was being launched from the TV aerial onto the conservatory roof then across onto our kitchen windows. Thankfully this is now a thing of the past due to the very effective and safe pigeon deterrent. Using the polycarb spikes these are both safe to the pigeons and does not affect the TV reception . Only problem now is the pigeons no longer roost with us but have moved to our neighbours….maybe another order on the way.


John Haslehurst, Southend on Sea

The plastic spikes I purchased were extremely easy to put in place, I used small screws one at each end of the strip. The Decking has remained clear of Pigeon Poo since putting them up, however the other birds have decided to perch on the actual decking and are causing a mess. That said they are smaller birds and the mess is easier to clear up.

I've not seen a bird trying to land on the pergola since so they do work.


Sue Gardiner, Hacienda Management Services, Spain

The pigeon spikes are fantastic and I run a management company based on a golf resort where before the land was agricultural and the villas have all had pigeon problems. Unused villas have piles of pigeon poo and nests with eggs or babies so these spikes are fantastic in that they stop the pigeons from roosting. I would be happy to provide you with a testimonial.


Kim McKenzie, London

Since installing the spikes me versus the pigeons round one has been a success. The pigeons have steered and swooped well away from my balcony and I have now scrubbed my balcony and can now have my breakfast in peace and free of pigeon mess. A very happy customer and great value for money and my friends say the slim metal spikes are actually quite stylish. I cannot put into words the satisfaction at seeing them sitting on the roof opposite in the rain.

I hope this helps although some feedback for you- being a girl and not understanding that the glue to attach the spikes needed a gun to apply it -would be very helpful to mention this when purchasing the glue as I had to make an unplanned trip to B&Q.


James Wright, Tullibody, Clackmannanshire, Scotland

The web site is extremely easy to use and secure for ordering purposes. The site has loads of pictures and is full of great information. Quite simply a joy to use for any customer. I had a problem with Starlings nesting under the roof tiles. They were getting in where the tiles overlap the gutter. The spikes have totally resolved this problem as they were easy to fit to the gutter and thus blocked up the holes under the tiles to prevent entry. Job done..... does not get any easier :-)


Frank Creese, Whitley Bay

The spikes have totally deterred pigeons from fouling our bay window fascia tiles and pavior. We are now free from the chore of constantly having to wash down the affected areas.


John Habberley, Southampton

The pigeon spikes secured to the end of the roof have ensured that the patio underneath is now free of pigeon droppings - a great success story ! The workmen who installed them were very pleased with the quality of the glue and have asked for your company details. Now free of pigeon droppings.


Mr L Charles, Chatham Kent

I had pigeons on my TV Aerial and Sky dish all the time making a right mess on the floor below. Since installing the spikes on the aerial with cable ties I’ve had no more unsightly mess. I also found that the gutter clips sold by this company allow you to clip the spikes on your satellite dish. Excellent products and delivered next day as promised.


Andrew Harrison, Carrickfergus

Absolutely brilliant... simplicity itself... pigeons have instantly moved on... not a lot more to say - 'does exactly what it says on the tin!!'

Jones and Son staff Picture of Defender Bird Spike wire forming machine