Defender™ Opening Window Spikes

This unique anti pigeon device attaches directly onto window frames that open outwards. Window Spikes are delivered as a complete unit ready assembled. Simply screw the clips directly onto the window frame itself. This method ensures the window won’t knock any spikes off the window sill (the spikes simply move with the window).

  • Each strip of window spike is 13 inches (one third of a metre).
  • Each strip of window spike has snap off groves every one inch along the base ensuring strips can be easily snapped to the exact length required.
  • If you do not want to screw the window spike to the window frame first you can use the fixing silicone adhesive, but you need to first silicone the window clips only to the window frame and after 24 hours fix the window spike back onto the window clips. This will give the window clip time to bond securely to the window frame before you add the extra weight of the spike.
  • Free ‘how to install’ instructional CD with every order.
  • See more photos of pigeon control products installed.
  • Our anti pigeon devices are used by most pest control companies and councils in the country.
  • Our bird control spikes have changed the lives of thousands of people. Read some of their testimonials.
  • Each of our products has a great online installation guidethat you can download.

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Pricing details for:
Defender™ Opening Window Spikes

No of Strips 335mm
Strip Price Ex VAT
Strip Price Inc VAT
1 - 9 £4.20 £5.04
10 - 29 £3.78 £4.54
30 + £3.36 £4.03
Delivery cost £8.34 inc. VAT

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Defender™ Opening Window Spikes