Quality bird spikes with a long warranty

Our steel spikes are made using 304 Grade Stainless Steel known for its excellent corrosion resistance; this is the reason we offer a 25-year ‘No Rust’ warranty for UK installs on all the Defender® Steel Range. This year we are also offering our steel spikes in 316 Grade Stainless Steel, a superior grade perfect for marine or other exposed areas.

Our plastic pigeon spikes range comes with a 15-Year warranty when installed in the UK. They are made from high-quality Durolon UV Stabilised Polycarbonate and will not become brittle in direct sunlight. Once installed on your home or property, they will last for many years!

FREE Booklet with Every Order

Every order we send out comes with a 40-page guide to pigeon and seagull control. This bookazine was written by us, drawing on our vast knowledge and experience in bird control. It covers important subjects such as birds and the law, health and safety concerning bird droppings to why the birds have chosen to roost on your property in the first place. It contains our warranty certificate for our Defender® Bird Spike products and a handy installation guide. It's not all serious; it contains many fun facts to wow family and friends.

Ecological Impact

We are very aware of the ecological impact manufacturing has on our world. To this end, we make our products from high-quality components to ensure they last for years and are a one-time purchase for the end user. We use Durolon, a high-performance plastic known for its reliability, durability and superior physical properties. This is why we offer a 15-year UK warranty on all Defender® Plastic Bird Spikes. It can also be recycled.

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