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Defender® Installer of the Month | Kai from We Care Pest Control with their award

A huge congratulations to July's winner of the Defender® Bird Spikes Installer of the month: We Care Pest Control! We gave Chris, the owner, a call to find out a bit more about his company, how he got started and what he loves about it. This is what he had to say:

Chris has been in the business for several years, setting up We Care Pest Control by himself, covering the area of Hull and beyond. Coming from a huge rugby area and realising his future wasn't as a player, pest control was his obvious logical next step! At only 24 years old, Chris is extremely proud of his achievements and we are too - well done!

Along side Chris is Callum and Kai. Chris describes Callum as the handsome one who sometimes thinks he runs the show! Kai, Chris's brother-in-law, is the apprentice (the lad holding the trophy in the photo!). He has worked for We Care Pest Control for years, on and off in the school holidays, and has only been made a full-time member of the team since leaving school a couple of months ago. Together they cover not only local jobs in the Hull, Scunthorpe, Grimsby and the East Riding area but also manage nationwide contracts for both residential and commercial properties.

The winning entry for July's Defender® Installer of the Month is for a fantastic job where Chris and his team fitted Defender® Solar Panel Excluders to two sets of panels on a domestic property. It is a really neat job and looks great!

We asked Chris why he likes the Defender® Solar Excluders. He said that they are just so simple to use. In the past they have used solar mesh, which can be time-consuming to cut, measurements have to be exact, the cutting can make a mess which can potentially cause injury or damage to passers by and it can be tricky to install as often two people have to carry the large strips of mesh up on to the roof! Defender® Solar strips, however, can be carried up the ladder by one person, in fact, several metres can be carried in one go! The prongs can be cut while on the roof to fit the tiles and there is no need for precise measurements as strips can be cut there and then or another strip simply added to the end. In fact, they can be fitted to all types of solar panels. All this is time-saving, which has the added benefit of keeping costs down too! Take a look at our Defender® Solar Panel Bird Excluders, and see for yourself what all the hype is about!

We Care Pest Control really understand the importance of good quality pigeon control. They ensure their customers are fully aware of the issues pesky pigeons can cause, from health risks, property damage and the time it takes to constantly clean up after these birds. As they point out, every bird infestation is different, but they are skilled in offering the correct solution to solve the problem using Defender® Bird Spikes! They pride themselves on showing their customers just how they have diagnosed their problem, they don't just fix it. Chris, Callum and Kai take their time to explain to the customer just what they will do and why it is happening using cameras, tracking equipment and their extensive knowledge.

We Care Pest Control - Defender Solar Panel Bird Excluders Installs

We know they do bird control work, but what other pests do they cover? Well, all of them! They specialise in rodent control in commercial properties and treat both internal and external areas. Not only is this approach essential for the safety of staff and customers, but also for protecting stock and equipment, not to mention the fire risks rodents can cause! We Care Pest Control literally take care of the whole process, including monthly maintenance, accessible reports, recommendations, proofing and best of all, a successful outcome! They are also on call for those one-off residential pest problems too, from mice in the kitchen, rats in the shed, wasps in the eaves, and rabbits in the veg patch. and a plethora of insects!

We asked Chris to tell us what he loves about pest control. He said that solving people's issues makes the job worthwhile and rewarding. For example, if they are called out to a customer who has had an issue with rats for years, Chris and his team can often assess the problem, and then solve it for them once and for all. He loves a happy customer!

Finally, we asked We Care Pest Control why they like using Defender® Bird Spikes as their supplier. They told us that firstly we were recommended to them by other trade pest controllers, so thank you very much to all of you out there! They also said it makes sense to come directly to us as we are the manufacturer and supplier. We always have stock and are always ready to take your call!

Congratulations to Chris, Callum and Kai at We Care Pest Control for winning this July's Installer of the Month. We welcome you into the Defender® Bird Spike Family and look forward to supporting you and working with you guys in the future.

If you need to contact We Care Pest Control for a bird or pest control problem in the Hull area, take a look at We Care Pest Control website.

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