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Defender® Bird Spikes and Pigeon Spikes are designed, developed, patented and manufactured here in the UK. They were invented by David Jones and his wife, Kursty (the owners of Jones and Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd). David and Kursty love running the business and are always around the head office helping out. Their children Harry, Alice and Olivia have also been known to help with packing up the bird spikes and sending them out.

About Defender® Bird Spikes UK

Our pigeon and bird spikes are now supplied all over the world to keep pigeons off your property, and because we are the UK manufacturers we can supply large quantities almost always for next day delivery! If you need to order large quantities, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

We offer high quality bird spike products, made in the UK and a wonderful service. Customers often recommend us when the displaced pigeons move next door. Over 25% of all orders are from referrals.

New Pigeon Spike and Bird Spike Machine

On the right you can see our new Defender® Pigeon Spike and Bird Spike wire-forming machine. By new, we actually mean a reconditioned Second World War Heenan Froude wire forming unit.

This restoration product has turned out to be the best investment we ever made. As well as using less power to produce over 200 wires per minute, we feel that recycling a machine that was destined for landfill is environmentally sound.

It’s nice to think that in the Second World War it made components for our anti-aircraft guns protecting London, and now, in the 21st century, it’s making Defender® Pigeon Spikes and Bird Spikes for protecting those same buildings.

Our in-house pigeon spike assemblers insert the wires by hand into the polycarbonate spike bases. This ensures that every single strip of stainless steel bird spike is hand made and constructed to our exacting standards.

However, we haven't completely ignored the 21st century and have invested in a super-modern plastic spike-forming machine, that even stacks the product and puts it into boxes.

The Jones Family
Jones and Son - Bird Spike Wire Forming Machine
Jones and Son - Pigeon Spike Forming Machine

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