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Defender® Pipe Spikes

334 mm (13 inch)
Strips Required:

Strip Price
1 - 59 £5.52 inc VAT £4.60 ex VAT
60 - 149 £4.97 inc VAT £4.14 ex VAT
150 - 299 £4.42 inc VAT £3.68 ex VAT
300 - 899 £3.86 inc VAT £3.22 ex VAT
900 + £3.31 inc VAT £2.76 ex VAT
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The Defender® Pipe Bird Spike has been designed to keep pigeons off pipes around your home and business. If you have pigeons roosting or nesting on pipes they can cause considerable damage and mess. The Defender® Pipe Spike will quickly solve your bird problem. It is a new invention in the bird control and pigeon control industry. Pigeons are prevented from landing on pipes by a dense pattern of 10 protruding stainless steel pins. This pigeon proofing product is really easy and quick to install. The spike is placed onto the pipe that requires protection and fixed into position by the locking straps - no glue or additional tools are required.

All our plastic pigeon spikes are made by us, Jones and Son in Devon. Please feel free to visit our warehouse, chat with our friendly advisers and see how our spikes are made.

Defender® Pipe Spike - Key Features:

Pipe Protection

The Defender® Pipe Spike can protect all kinds of pipes for example drainage pipes, heating, air-conditioning and even pipes covered with lagging. The attaching strap will wrap around any pipe with a circumference of 2.5 - 15 cm (1 - 6 inches).

Pipe Spike Strip Length

Defender® Pipe Spikes come in 33.4 cm (13 inches) lengths, so you will require 3 strips for each metre of piping you are trying to protect from pigeons or other birds. The strips also have snappable sections which can be broken off by hand if the spike needs to be reduced in length to fit the area you are protecting. This pipe spike also comes ready assembled with integral serrated cable ties for easy installation.

Humane Product

Here at Jones and Son, we really like the humble pigeon. Therefore all of our pigeon proofing and bird control products are 100% humane. They are even recommended by the RSPB as the most humane type of pigeon proofing available on the market. The pipe spike attaches onto the pipe or lagging and has stainless steel pins that protrude from the base. These pins make it difficult for the birds to land, and if they do manage to gain access, they will find them uncomfortable, without being injured by them and will simply move on to an easier nesting or roosting location.

Easy Installation

This stainless steel pigeon pipe spike has been tried and tested on heavily infested areas of piping that have a diameter of up to 15 cm (6 inches). The intelligent design means that each strip has two pre-attached cable ties fastened securely into the base. These can then be wrapped around the pipe and tightened firmly into place. The cable ties are serrated, which means that, even on a smooth surface, slippage will not occur - leaving your pipes pigeon and bird free as soon as they are installed. No additional silicone or tools are required, which makes for a fast installation with little mess or difficulty. Click here to view Defender® Pipe Spikes - Installation Guide

Long Life Expectancy

The sturdy pipe spike has a 3 mm thick UV stabilised polycarbonate base, which ensures that this spike will be around a lot longer than most other spikes. It also has pins that are made from 304 Grade stainless steel, ensuring that it will not leave rust marks on your property unlike other lower quality bird spikes available on the market. Defender® believe in the design and manufacture so much that they even offer a 25-Year “No Rust” Warranty - giving you peace of mind that the spikes will last.

UK Manufactured British Bird Spikes

The Defender® Team are proud to make their products in the UK using only the best quality materials that have been locally sourced. The Defender® Pipe Spike is manufactured by us, Jones and Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd. By buying direct from the manufacturer, you know that you are guaranteed a high quality bird control product, delivered quickly and supplied with the reassurance that you can call for advice or support from one of our specially trained experts at any point. Solving your bird problem is what we are here to do!

Defender® Pipe Spike Installation

Please view our "Bird Spikes Installation" page to see how quick and easy the spikes are to install with no professional help or specialist tooling. There are lots of videos and snippets of advice that will help you understand bird proofing and assist in getting rid of your pigeons once and for all. Alternatively, you may just require a small amount of guidance on how to install pipe spikes. We therefore also provide printable guides - please click here to view the online guide for installing the Defender® Pipe Spike: Defender® Pipe Spike - Installation Guide

Reviews of the Defender® Pipe Spike

Our Defender® Pipe Spikes have made a difference to many people struggling with bird problems or pigeon proofing issues. If you need assurance that we are the right company and can provide the perfect product, please take a moment to view some of our recent reviews here: Read Bird Spike and Pigeon Spike Reviews.

If you have a "How to get rid of birds or pigeons from pipes" question, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. (Mon - Friday 8.30am - 4.00pm).

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