Defender® TV Aerial Pack

The Defender® TV Aerial Pack is a specifically designed pigeon deterrent that can be fixed to any aerial or satellite dish which suffers from perching or roosting birds and pigeons. When birds land on an aerial, they can move it out of position or, at worst, damage it, which in turn can disrupt your viewing. Satellite dishes and TV aerials are not easy to put right or cheap to replace. Because no two aerials or satellite dishes are the same, the Defender® TV Aerial Pack comes with 3 different fixing solutions; silicone, clips and cable ties. They can be used alone or in combination. All components are made entirely of plastic which means, once installed, they will not interfere with the signal.

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Defender® TV Aerial Bird Spikes Specifications:

Suitable for: Pigeons
Strip Length: 333 mm (Just over 13 inches)
Base Width at Widest Point: 30 mm (1.1 inches)
Pin Height: 112 mm (4.5 inches)
Outer Pin to Outer Pin Width: 145 mm (5.7 inches)
Made from: UV Stabilised Polycarbonate
Warranty: UK 15 Year
Product Code: BIRD0060 | BIRD0062
EAN: 5060298010667
Manufactured: Devon, UK

TV Aerial Pack Contents

Small TV Aerial Pack | 3 Metre
  • 9 Strips of Defender® Wide Plastic Pigeon Deterrent Spike
  • 18 Aerial Clips
  • 18 Cable Ties
  • 1 tube Defender® Fixing Silicone
  • 40-Page Bird Control Guide
Large TV Aerial Pack | 6 Metre
  • 18 Strips of Defender® Wide Plastic Pigeon Deterrent Spike
  • 36 Aerial Clips
  • 36 Cable Ties
  • 1 tube Defender® Fixing Silicone
  • 40-Page Bird Control Guide

Long Life Expectancy

Defender® TV Aerial Packs contain the Defender® Wide Plastic Pigeon Spikes. These bird spikes are made from super tough Durolon UV Stabilised Polycarbonate. This ensures the spikes suffer no degradation due to the adverse effects of extreme weather. They do not yellow or become brittle and can withstand low and high temperatures. Therefore they come with a 15-Year Warranty when installed in the UK. br />

Snappable Sections

The base of the plastic spikes included in the TV Aerial Pack have snappable grooves at intervals along the length. These can be snapped using your fingers to the correct length to fit aerial bars perfectly.

Silicone Fixing Holes

If you use silicone as your fixing method, there are 10 specially shaped glue fixing holes spaced out along the base. When the silicone oozes through these holes, it created small rivets that lock the spike into position.

Technical Data Sheet

The TV Aerial Pack the Defender® Wide Plastic Pigeon Spikes and Defender®Bird Spike Clips. There are Technical Data Sheets for both these items available here:
Data Sheet - Defender Wide Plastic or Defender Bird Spike Clips - Technical Data Sheet

Data Sheet - Defender Wide Plastic

What is a Defender® TV Aerial Pack?

Which birds will a TV Aerial Bird Spikes deter?

  • Pigeons

The Defender® TV Aerial Bird Spike Pack is designed to stop pigeons and like-sized birds roosting, perching or standing on your satellite dish or TV aerial. The pack comes in 2 different sizes, large (6 Metres) and small (3 Metres), to cater for the many varying shapes and sizes of aerials and satellite dishes on homes and businesses. Once installed the bird spikes will work immediately and you can get back to enjoying your TV with no interruptions.

What's included in a Small or Large TV Aerial Pack?

The Defender® Small TV Aerial Pack contains 9 strips of Defender® Wide Plastic Pigeon Deterrent Spike. Each strip is 33.4 cm (13 inches) in length. That amounts to 3 linear metres of bird spike which can be fixed along the main central pole and the branches that come off the aerial. All the fixings are included to accommodate this amount of pigeon deterrent spikes.

The large Defender® TV Aerial Pack contains 18 strips of Wide Plastic Pigeon Deterrent Spike. This amounts to 6 linear metres of bird spike. This larger pack can be used for several smaller aerials or satellite dishes or of course, the large industrial-sized aerials.

How do the bird spikes attach to the TV aerial?

Both packs contain everything you need to fully protect any TV aerial or satellite dish from unwanted pigeons, including UV Stabilised Defender® Bird Spikes and 3 types of fixings:

Defender® Fixing Silicone
The tube of fixing silicone can be used to stick the pigeon deterrent spikes directly onto the aerial or satellite dish. It can also be used in conjunction with aerial clips or cable ties to ensure a super-secure fit. Please note: A caulking gun is required to apply this silicone, but is not included.

Aerial Clip
The Defender® Aerial Packs come with the necessary amount of aerial clips needed to attach the wide pigeon deterrent spikes to your aerial or satellite dish. They are made from the same UV Stabilised Polycarbonate plastic as the pigeon spikes, and therefore will last many years without yellowing or becoming brittle. They are simply clipped to the base of the spike and then slotted onto the aerial branches.

Cable Ties
If the preferred method of attaching the Defender® Plastic Pigeon Deterrent Spikes to your aerial is with cable ties, it is very straightforward. Just tighten the cable tie over the base of the spike and aerial and pull tight to prevent slippage.

Humane Plastic Pigeon Spikes

All the plastic pigeon spikes included in the Defender® TV Aerial Pack are a recognised humane method of deterring pigeons. The plastic pigeon deterrent spike has pins which fan out, making it uncomfortable for birds or pigeons to land and perch on TV aerials or satellite dishes, but will not injure them. They will then move on to another more accessible perch.

FREE Guide with all orders and telephone support

We are always happy to help with any questions you may have before or after your purchase – call us on 01626 835055. Don’t forget you will also get a handy 40-Page Bird Control Guide with every order – this has a detailed health and safety tips and lots of information to help you solve your pigeon problem for good.

How to install Defender® TV Aerial Bird Spikes

How to install Defender® TV Aerial Bird Spikes Pack - Photographic Installation Guide

The Defender® TV Aerial Pack is easy and quick to install. This pack uses the plastic Defender® Wide Bird Spikes to ensure there are no metal elements which might interfere with the signal. There are 3 methods of installation, which can be used as a standalone way of fixing, or together to help deter pigeons.

No professional pest control equipment is required as all the necessary fixings and fittings are included in the pack. Be aware that the use of ladders may be necessary as aerials are often installed on high roof areas. If you are unsure about working at height, please seek assistance.

Step 1 - Clean the Area: Make sure the area you are installing on is clean, dry and has no loose dirt or debris, this applies particularly to areas that you may want to use the silicone. If the area below the aerial has been heavily soiled and you would like to clean it while up on the roof, you may need to read our "How to Safely Remove Bird Droppings Guide"

Step 2 - Fixing Methods: There are 3 different methods included in the TV Aerial Pack designed to deter pigeons from perching on aerials and satellite dishes.

First, make sure the strip of plastic bird spike is the correct length for the bar or director element on the aerial that you are bird-proofing. The Defender® Bird Spike strips have snappable grooves along the base so can be very easily snapped by hand to the correct size to perfectly cover the length of the bar. Every inch of the aerial should be proofed from birds especially if they already use your aerial or satellite as a perch. Once you have the correct size of bird spike, you can decide on the correct method of attachment. If you are using on a curved satellite dish, the base is flexible along the length or it can be snapped into small pieces to accommodate the curve.

Aerial Clips Aerial clips can be attached to the base of the pigeon deterrent spike. They very simply snap onto the base. Whatever length of bird spike strip you need, 2 clips are generally all that is needed for each piece, one at either end. Ensure the clips are facing the same way, on the same side of the spike base and are in a straight line. These clips can then be used to attach spike strips to the various director elements or bars along the main length. Be extra careful not to overstretch the clips to fit over a particularly wide bar. This could eventually cause stress fractures to the clip. If the bars are particularly thin, you may need to add a little of the included silicone to the inside of the clip just to hold it in place and upright.

Defender® Fixing Silicone Defender® Adhesive can be used to glue the spikes into position. You will need a caulking gun (not included). You can purchase one here here to use the silicone we provide. If you have not used a caulking gun before or need a refresher, please check out his page "How to use a Caulking Gun Guide". Once ready, pull the trigger to squeeze a bead of silicone about 8 mm wide along the base of the spike and then press down onto the aerial or satellite dish. The silicone will ooze through the silicone fixing holes along the base creating a lock between the base and the adhesive.

Cable Tie Another method is to use cable ties. Again make sure you have the correct length spike for the individual bar. Hold the strip in place above the bar and wrap the cable tie around the base and the bar. Feed the end through the fastener and pull tight until the spike base is held in place securely. One cable tie at each end should be sufficient. The ends of the cable tie can be cut short to neaten the appearance or left long.

All 3 methods of fixing the bird spikes to the aerial can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to ensure a strong, safe install.

High Quality Plastic Pigeon Spikes

The pack comes with a Product Warranty of 15 years when installed on your UK property. As the components of the Defender® TV Aerial Pack are made from UV Stabilised Polycarbonate plastic, they ensure that this spike and clips will not become brittle in direct sunlight or adverse weather conditions. As an aerial or satellite dish tends to be exposed to all types of weather, it is imperative that the pigeon deterrent product can withstand very low and high temperatures to deter pigeons and other birds from perching on your TV aerials.

British Manufactured Pigeon Deterrent Spikes

Defender® TV Aerial Packs are designed and manufactured by Jones and Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd, here in the UK. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure the customer has a working product that gives total confidence in its ability to deter pigeons and other similar-sized birds.

For full terms and conditions of the Defender® Bird Spikes UK Warranty please see our Warranty Information Page.

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