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Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control | November 2023 Winners

November’s winner of Defender Bird Spikes Installer of the Month is…drum roll….Malum Southern Pest & Bird Company! Huge congratulations to all!

So who is Malum Southern? Well, we shall tell you! They are a pest control company run by Dean McFarlane and David Shilling with a growing team of 4 experienced techs and 2 office staff. They treat all pests, from rats and mice, squirrels, moles, bed bugs, cockroaches and of course birds. Based in Southampton, Hampshire, they cover most of the south coast, mainly working from Chichester to Christchurch.

Malum offers a premier service as standard and uses a fully integrated approach. Not only will they assess the reasons why a pest is there but use a combination of techniques not only to eradicate the problem but also to stop the issue from reoccurring. We love that they use our Defender Bird Spikes but they also use netting, wire systems, gels, visual scaring, falcons or acoustics depending on the best fit for the situation. Malum make sure they leave your property looking its best. They will remove all bird guano using specialist equipment not only from the outside but also from inside lofts and warehouses.

So let's see what job won them this month's super award. Well, it wasn’t just one job but three! Dean and his team do a lot of solar panel proofing and always offer customers the option of spiking the ridges on the roof. Two jobs involved just that, after proofing solar panels using mesh to stop the birds from gaining access underneath, they installed the spikes along the full length of the ridge to move those persistent pigeons who tend to hang around after a proofing job. Often proofing the ridge is neglected, but it is essential if you want the birds to abandon the property altogether. Not only that, they are textbook-perfect jobs!

The other job, although it looks small demonstrates why professional bird spike installers are often required. Malum installed Defender Steel Bird Spikes on some drain and pipe work. Professionals such as Dean have the correct access equipment to work at height, not to mention the correct insurance! They safely removed all the old systems that weren't working, and properly cleaned and disinfected the pipes and drains, walls and pathways beneath. They disposed of the waste correctly and then installed Defender Bird Spikes to stop birds from coming back again. A fantastic job I think you will all agree!

Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control | November 2023 Winners | Installs

We asked Dean why he uses our Defender Bird Spikes, he said: ‘Defender spikes look nice and neat when installed, unlike some others which have pins sticking out at all kinds of angles, which is something really important on a domestic setting. Bird proofing isn’t something a homeowner wants to have to do, it’s a case of must do. So keeping it as aesthetically pleasing as possible is key… and nothing compares to the quality and effectiveness of Defender spikes… we are happy as a business to support a great UK based company, we love your merchandise’

Their favourite and most popular spike to use is the Defender Wide Steel although the Thistle is also a great spike being discreet and very effective, we just need to develop a gutter clip for them to use with it!

The most rewarding part of being a bird control expert is getting fantastic feedback from the customers after you have done a good job and solved their issue. There is nothing quite like watching pigeons trying to find access under a solar panel after it's been proofed or trying to land on a ledge that’s been spiked and seeing it change their flight direction quickly.

Thank you to Dean, David and the Malum team for using Defender Bird Spikes, we are so happy to be able to support you guys. Well done on winning our November Defender Installer of the Month, you do a super job!

If you are in the Southampton, Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex area and have a bird control issue you would like the experts to have a look at, contact Malum Southern Pest & Bird Control’s who will be able to assist whatever the problem!

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