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Falcon Environmental Services - Meet the Team

Introducing the 2024 first winner of Defender® Bird Spikes Installer of the Month for January and rollover from December…Falcon Environmental Services! Congratulations to all the team at Falcon!

Lets get to know exactly who Falcon is and what they do. They are based in Plymouth, so are virtual neighbours to us and cover most areas in Devon and Cornwall. As a company, they have been operating since 2016, born out of Matthews's keen interest and passion in bird and pest control and wildlife management and, like many in the pest control industry, are a true example of a family-run business. Kerry and Matthew Pollard are the directors, owners and husband and wife team, while Fiona (Kerry’s mum) runs the office. Let's not forget the bird control technicians and specialist cleaning teams made up of their brothers and lifelong friends, Charlie, Mo, Billy, Simon, Steve and David.

Falcon's speciality is providing bird control solutions for commercial and domestic clients. Their team are experts in Hawking, using the natural instincts of beautiful birds of prey to encourage pigeons and seagulls to roost elsewhere. Of course, they also use our humane Defender® Bird Spikes to prevent birds from returning to roost and are experts in providing high-level access to hard-to-reach areas.

Falcon are also pest control experts in all insects and rodents, using environmentally-friendly methods, including highly trained dogs, to remove and prevent pests from returning. They deal with all facets of humane and sustainable wildlife management, including rabbits, moles, foxes and deer. The specialist cleaning team are trained in the safe removal of bird guano, loft clearance, cladding cleaning and sanitising all areas to protect customers from potential health risks.

Falcon Environmental Services | Winner Defender Installer of the Month 2024

The job that won Falcon Environmental Services the prestigious Defender® Installer of the Month was for a customer from Plymouth who had a problem with nesting pigeons under his solar panels. The Falcon team recommended the Defender® Solar Panel Excluders as well as installing spikes to the ridge tiles to make sure those pesky birds abandoned the property altogether. The Defender® Solar Panel Excluders were installed perfectly, leaving a beautifully neat finish. Falcon covers the whole process, making the job stress-free for the customer. They arranged the scaffolding for safe access and cleared and cleaned his gutters, solar panels and windows before installing the Defender® Bird Spikes. The customer was left with a freshly cleaned property, clear of bird guano and free from nesting birds.

Bird and pest control has both its challenges and rewards. The challenge, as Kerry explains, can be the investigative side of pest control. For example, when dealing with a rodent infestation, it is an essential step to identify and eliminate all possible entry points to ensure a customer will stay rodent-free after treatment, as well as successfully treating for the current infestation. This in turn leads to the rewards of the job. Bird and pest controllers deal not only with the physical problems of pests inside and around a property but also with the distress the pest being present causes the customer. It is an added skill to be able to understand and consider what the customer is feeling and to do their very best to ensure they are fixing the problem not only in the short term but also in the long term. Falcon believes in always going the extra mile to think about all the future possibilities and offer a solution that comforts and assures the customer and the reward comes from leaving a customer calm, reassured and happy. Let's not mention that time Mo surveyed a loft and a rat dropped through the roof hatch into the hood of his jumper!

Falcon Environmental Services have really enjoyed using Defender® Bird Spikes products, especially when they realised we were a local company. They like them because they are well made and easy to use, and their favourite is the solar panel excluder. Kerry also adds that, as a team, we are wonderful to deal with! We love dealing with you and Falcon too Kerry!

If you have a bird control problem you really need to get solved or want to discuss a pest control issue, Falcon Environmental Services is the team you need. They are ready to help and cover the beautiful counties of Devon and Cornwall.

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