Defender® Gutter Spikes for Birds

The Defender® Gutter Spike is a bird control device designed to keep pigeons and seagulls out of gutters. The gutter can provide the perfect roosting and perching place for birds that love to nest and roost in high up areas. This gives them the advantage of spotting suitable feeding sites, while also keeping an eye out for dangerous predators.

The gutter being curved keeps the nesting materials nicely in place. However, nests can block the gutter causing flooding and water ingress to the property. The Defender® Gutter Spike simply clips onto the outer edge of the gutter, providing a barrier against gulls and pigeons trying to gain access and will easily stop birds in gutters causing damage, whilst still allowing for free-flowing water beneath.

£6.00 Per Strip (Inc VAT)

334 mm (13 inch)
Strips Required:

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Defender® Gutter Spike Specifications:

Suitable for: Pigeons and Seagulls
Gutter Protection: Any standard half round or square guttering.
Strip Length: 333 mm (Just over 13 inches)
Base Width at Widest Point: 30 mm (1.1 inches)
Pin Height: 112 mm (4.5 inches)
Outer Pin to Outer Pin Width: 145 (5.7 inches)
Made from: UV Stabilised Polycarbonate
Warranty: UK 15 Year
Product Code: BIRD0085
EAN: 5060298012586
Manufactured: Devon, UK

Long Life Expectancy

Defender® Gutter Spikes are open to all the elements. For this reason, a UV Polycarbonate plastic has been used to manufacture them that will not yellow or become brittle in direct sunlight or extremes of temperature. The Defender® Gutter Spike can be fitted into position without the use of silicone so, when it comes to cleaning gutters, it can simply be lifted off and then replaced. Therefore there is no need to purchase new spikes every time the gutters need maintenance.

Snappable Sections

Every strip of Defender® Gutter Spike comes with 2 clips pre-attached for easy fixing to the gutter. Along the actual base of the gutter spike, there are 8 grooves which make it snappable to smaller sizes if needed to finish a run of gutter, or fit to a smaller hopper. The clips can be carefully pulled off and re-attached further along the strip by just clicking into the required position.

Technical Data Sheet

If you need detailed information on the Defender® Gutter Spikes, you can view and print the Technical Data Sheet here: Data Sheet - Defender Gutter Spikes

Defender® Gutter Spikes

Defender® Gutter Spikes - Key Info

Which birds are the gutter spikes suitable for?

  • Pigeons
  • Seagulls

Defender® Gutter Spikes will stop pigeons and seagulls from being able to nest or roost in the guttering, and filling the gutter with feathers and leaves. A blocked gutter can cause expensive damage due to water ingress and flooding. Once installed, the deterrent spikes work immediately and simply move birds on humanely without hurting them. They also allow the free flow of water beneath the spikes.

What guttering would Defender® Gutter Spikes fit?

The Defender® Gutter Spike will fit all standard half-round or square plastic guttering or hoppers that do not have a lip or ornate design on the front edge.

Older style cast iron guttering or one that has an ornate or thick lip can cause the clips to overstretch and cause stress fractures. We would always ask you to call us for further advice on 01626 835055 if you are ever in doubt about which guttering you have or whether it will fit correctly.

How do gutter spikes stop pigeons sitting in guttering?

The gutter spike has 2 clips attached that just slip over the edge of the guttering. This mechanism places the gutter strip in the centre of the gutter. However, as it "hovers" above the base of the gutter, it allows for the free flow of rainwater beneath.

Each gutter spike is made up of 4 rows of 5 pins, which fan out at different angles making it virtually impossible for birds to gain a foothold on or near the Defender® Gutter Spike. The front of the average terraced house has about 5 metres of standard gutter. Therefore 15 pieces of Defender® Gutter Spike would be ample to keep pigeons out of gutters.

FREE Guide with all orders and telephone support

We are always happy to help with any questions you may have about getting rid of pigeon and seagulls from your gutters, before or after your purchase – call us on 01626 835055. Don’t forget you will also get a handy 40-Page Bird Control Guide with every order – this has health and safety tips and lots of information to help you solve your bird problem for good.

How to install Defender® Gutter Spikes

Defender® Gutter Spikes Installation - Photographic Guide

This easy and quick to install Defender® Gutter Spike simply presses onto the guttering lip, using the integral plastic clips. The clips are placed on the outside edge of the guttering, which positions the bird spikes in the centre, keeping pigeons and seagulls out of gutters. The gutter clips have a secure tight fit so there is no need for extra tools or silicone adhesive to fix the gutter spikes in place. It can be very useful to be able to remove the Defender® Gutter Spike when the gutter needs cleaning or dead leaves need removing. When the cleaning is complete, the gutter spikes simply clip back into position to stop birds in the gutters.

Step 1 - Clean the Area: Make sure the gutters are empty of leaves and debris. If a bird has already been nesting or roosting in the guttering it may be heavily soiled with droppings. If this is the case please see our "How to safely clean bird droppings guide" guide for more in-depth details.

Step 2 - Fixing: The Defender® Gutter Spike will fit all standard half-round or square plastic guttering or hoppers that do not have a lip or ornate design on the front edge. The gutter spike has 2 clips attached to the spike that just slip over the edge of the gutter and secure them in the correct position. The clips should just press into position no excessive force is required.

Step 3 - Positioning: Start at one end of the guttering and clip each piece firmly into position. Continue along the guttering making sure no gap is left between the ends of the pigeon spikes. This mechanism places the gutter strip in the centre of the gutter. It hovers above the base of the gutter, allowing for the free flow of rainwater beneath.

Step 5 - Full Protection: Once you reach the end of the guttering, you may need to shorten a strip to make sure the row is complete. It is simple to remove the clips, just gently pull them away from the base. Along the base of the gutter spike, there are 8 grooves, use these to snap the spike by hand to the required length. Then simply reattach the clips and finish off the row.

High Quality Plastic Gutter Spikes

Our Defender® Gutter Plastic Spikes are made from super tough Durolon UV stabilised polycarbonate, this stops the spike from becoming brittle or yellowing in direct sunlight or other extreme weather conditions. They come with a 15 Year Warranty when installed in the UK.

British Manufactured Gutter Spikes

All Defender® Gutter Spikes are made in the UK using only the highest quality materials. Jones and Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd pride themselves on the manufacture of quality bird spikes and plastic pigeon spikes that will keep birds off your property, business or home - or, in this case, keep pigeons and seagulls out of gutters. As a family-run business, Jones and Son place a huge emphasis on our customer service and our ability to provide pest control products that solve your bird problems.

For full terms and conditions of the Defender® Bird Spikes UK Warranty please see our Warranty Information Page.

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