Defender® Installer of the Month | September | Dall Window Cleaning

Drum roll please for September’s Defender® Bird Spike winner of Installer of the Month… it’s Dall Window Cleaning! Congratulations to the Dall team for a perfect install of our Defender Curved Ridge Spike. Let's find out a bit more about Dall Cleaning.

Dall Window Cleaning is a third-generation family business company based in Fareham, Hampshire. They have provided both commercial and residential exterior cleaning services to Hampshire, Sussex and London since 1966! Chris runs the business and is out and about completing jobs while his mother Chrissie mans the office and keeps the accounts in order.

As you can imagine, to service those large commercial office blocks that need cleaning, Dall has to have its own set of specialist equipment and skills. Dall has it all, from water fed pole, to cherry pickers that can reach up to 105 foot, to a brave abseiling team that can get to those hard to reach areas! They deal with many residential properties too, from pressure washing driveways, to removing algae from render – who knew there were so many different types of algae, to cleaning conservatory windows and roofs. The Dall team also clean tiled roofs and sort out blocked gutters.

Dall Window Cleaning - Installation of Curved Ridge Bird Spikes

So lets find out why a cleaning company have won the Defender Bird Spikes Installer of the Month. The Dall team spend much of their time high up on buildings, they have the right access equipment and the correct skills to work at height. It makes sense, that while they are already up on the roof, they should add bird control work to their post roof clean. This is just what Dall have done. Bird droppings can cause moss, lichen and algae to grow and if left, can impact the roof material. Dall Cleaning used the Defender® Curved Ridge Spikes along the top ridge of the roof after they had completed the clean. This spike has extra long pins which will deter both pigeons and seagulls. It comes with integral stabilisers on the strips, so that while they are being installed and the adhesive curing, the strips will stay perfectly in place. Even the most determined bird would find it hard to move these ones! Chris tells us that it is a super easy system to use and a great addition to their business.

Dall Window Cleaning also clean solar panels. As we all know, pigeons often use solar panels as the perfect place to live under. Dall Cleaning will clean above and below the panel, cleaning out all bird debris and then use our Defender® Solar Panel Bird Excluders around the sides to prevent any birds gaining access. This system stops birds going in, but also allows for waste rain water, leaves and debris to flow out.

Finally a huge congratulations to Chris and Dall Window Cleaning for winning September’s Installer of the Month. We look forward to supporting you and your company with all your bird work.

If you would like to contact Dall Window Cleaning for a bird proofing problem or for a cleaning job in Hampshire, Sussex or in London, do visit Dall Window Cleaning’s website.

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