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How to Install Defender® Bird & Pigeon Spikes


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You may have found the solution to your bird problem, but now you are wondering how to install the bird spikes and pigeon spikes. Let us assure you that Defender® Bird and Pigeon Spikes are really quick and easy to install.

How to Install Bird & Pigeon Spikes - Video

We recommend watching our "How to Install Bird Spikes and Pigeon Spikes" video. It really does show how simple the bird spikes are to install on ledges, window sills, roofs, railings, posts, gutters and much more!

This in-depth installation guide highlights the basics for installing bird control products, including how to use Defender® Fixing Silicone, ledge sizes and installing the bird spikes correctly to get rid of bird problems - giving you the confidence to install the bird and pigeon spikes yourself.

How to Install Seagull Spikes - Video

Seagulls are incredibly strong and persistent birds. They can also become very territorial and aggressive during their breeding times. You must always assess if it is safe for you to complete an installation of seagull spikes before starting work. If you need help or advice on how to install seagull control spikes, ridge spikes or chimney pot straps, then this video has lots of helpful information and useful tips to get you started.

How to Install Bird Wire - Video

As an alternative to Pigeon Spikes, we also supply Defender® Bird Post and Wire Holders. This bird control system is favoured by professional pest control installers and is often the go to system for architects. It is a discreet product that historically was complicated to install as it required lots of measuring and specialist tools. However, Defender® have redesigned the Bird Wire System to make it simple and easy to install for anyone. Just watch the video below to find out how to install bird wire.

Printable Installation Guides:
Defender™ Bird & Pigeon Spike Products

We also provide printable installation guides on how to install our different bird and pigeon spike products. Select the bird control product you would like to fit, and view or print off a guide.

Pigeon Spike & Bird Wire Installation Questions

If after watching our quick installation videos on Bird Spikes or Post and Wire holders, or reading one of our Pigeon Spike installation guides, you have any questions or still need advice on any aspect of your bird control problem, please contact us and we will try to help in any way we can. Our advice is free and friendly. We are open Mon - Fri 8.30am - 3.30pm, so call us on 01626 835055, or drop us an email to ask a bird spikes question and we will respond as quickly as possible!

Why it's easy to Install Bird Spikes & Bird Wire

Our Defender® Bird Spikes and Bird Wire Holders have been designed for ease of use for the customer. Wherever possible, we have tried to make our bird control products standalone systems that have no need for complicated measurements, specialist tools or insider knowledge.

Here are a few reasons why installation is simple:

Bird Spikes and Post Holders with Snap Sections

The Defender® Bird and Pigeon Spikes feature our patented snap sections. Along the base of the bird spikes are 4 or 9 breakable sections (depending on type of spike you are using) that can simply be snapped to the desired length with your fingers. When installing the pigeon spike, this easy snap system makes it quick to adjust the bird spike to the size of the ledge without needing extra tools.

The Defender® Bird Post and Wire Holder also features similar snap sections along the base, negating the complicated measuring and specialist tools needed with other older bird wire systems. This makes it simple to fit to any surface that needs protecting from birds and pigeons. (Note: not available on some of the more specialist products.)

Silicone Fixing Holes

When installing Defender® Bird and Pigeon Control Spikes or the Defender® Bird Post & Wire, you will notice that along the bases there are patented silicone fixing holes. When the bird spikes or the post and wire holders are pressed onto a ledge, the silicone oozes through, forming rivets that lock the pigeon spikes and post holders firmly to the surface.

Specialist Fixing Silicone

We recommend that, for the best results when installing these bird and pigeon spikes or the bird post and wire holders, you use our Defender® Bird Spike Fixing Adhesive, as some other silicones may not stick to the base.

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