Defender® Extreme Stainless Steel Gull Spike

The Defender® Extreme Seagull Spike has the widest coverage of all the Defender® Seagull Control products. If seagulls are roosting or nesting on deep ledges or parapet walls with a depth of up to 30 cm or 11 inches, this gull deterrent is the one to use. This is also ideal for deterring gulls from the tricky space behind a chimney stack where seagulls like to nest.

The 304 Grade stainless steel pins fan out in an aggressive complex pattern which coupled with the extra-long pins make the Extreme Gull perfectly designed to stop the most determined large seagull. Also available in 316 Marine Grade stainless steel.

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334 mm (13 inch)
Strips Required:

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Defender® Extreme Gull Spikes Specifications:

Suitable For: Seagulls and pigeons
Ledge Protection: Up to 300 mm (11.8 inches)
Strip Length: 333 mm (Just over 13 inches)
Base Width at Widest Point: 80 mm (3.1 inches)
Pin Height: 150 mm (5.9 inches)
Outer Pin to Outer Pin Width: 270 mm (10.6 inches)
Base Made From: UV Stabilised Polycarbonate
Pins Made From: 304 Grade stainless steel wire
Warranty: UK 25 Year "No-Rust"
Product Code: BIRD0021
EAN: 5060298013385
Manufactured: Devon, UK

Long Life Expectancy

The Defender® Extreme Seagull Spike has a base manufactured from UV Stabilised Polycarbonate which does not discolour or become brittle in direct sunlight. The 30 stainless steel pins are made from 304 Grade stainless steel which are inserted into the base at 6 different angles. This grade of stainless steel is resistant against sodium and therefore will not rust and comes with a UK 25-Year “No Rust” Warranty.

Silicone Fixing Holes

The Defender® Extreme Gull has 10 cross-shaped holes in the base. To install, Defender® Pigeon Spike Fixing Silicone should be generously applied to the underside of the base and pressed firmly onto the ledge. The glue will ooze through the holes and form cross-shaped rivets that lock this stainless steel gull spike into place.

Snappable Sections

Along the underside of the base there are 4 grooves, which can be snapped by hand to create 5 shorter lengths. Each length measures 6.5 cm, which means smaller ledges and uneven surfaces can be securely protected from persistent seagulls and pigeons.

Marine 316 Grade

We now offer the Defender® Extreme Gull in Marine 316 Grade stainless steel. This is called Marine Grade as the added Molybdenum makes this steel very resistant to sodium chloride. It is therefore particularly suitable for exposed coastal areas and areas which have a lot of urban pollution. Take a look at the further information on the difference between 304 and 316 Grade Stainless Steel before purchasing.

Defender® Extreme Gull Spike

Defender® Extreme Stainless Steel Gull Spike - Key Info

Which birds are the gull spikes suitable for?

  • Seagulls
  • Pigeons

The Defender® Extreme Seagull Control Spikes have long pins designed to stop seagulls combined with an aggressive fan of 6 different angled pins making this the most effective seagull spike on the market.

Where can I use Extreme Gull Spikes?

Defender® Extreme Spikes will stop seagulls from landing on a ledge up to 30 cm (11.8 inches) in depth. If the ledge is wider, you can add a second row of spikes, leaving as small a gap as possible between the tops of the pins, in fact a slight overlap is optimal. The Extreme is ideal for use behind the chimney stack, where installing rows of close-together strips works well, creating an impenetrable mat. These can also be installed on top of a capped chimney pot. If the chimney pot is open the Defender® Chimney Pot Spikes is ideal.

How do seagull spikes work?

The individual pins are 15 cm (6 inches) long and stop seagulls from being able to land or get close to wherever they are installed correctly, preventing gulls from nesting or roosting. The Defender® Extreme Seagull Spikes are a humane solution for seagull issues, as recommended by PiCAS, they don't physically hurt the birds, but act as both a visual and physical deterrent. Each seagull deterrent spike has 30 pins made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel fanning out in 6 different directions.

FREE Guide with all orders and telephone support

We love helping you with any questions you may have before or after your purchase – call us on 01626 835055 or email on You will also receive a handy 40-Page Bird Control Guide with every order – this has a detailed install guide, health and safety tips and lots of information to help you solve your seagull problem for good.

Please note:

For every 24 strips (or part thereof) that you order, we will automatically add one tube of Defender® Bird Spike Fixing Silicone to your basket. Only our adhesive is recommended as others may not stick to the base. This can be removed at the checkout if not required.

How to install Defender® Extreme Stainless Steel Gull Spikes

Defender® Extreme Gull Spike - Installation Guide

We recommend installing the Defender® Extreme Stainless Steel Gull Spikes using our own silicone, Defender® Bird Spike Fixing Silicone. This method offers the quickest and easiest install. You can also use nails or screws for a more temporary fix.

Step 1 - Clean the Area: It is essential to thoroughly clean and dry the area before starting any installation. Scrape, brush and wipe down any bird droppings, dust, or debris. Do make sure to clean and proof any ledges that are higher up too. Seagulls are prone to dropping nesting material and debris onto ledges below. If the area is heavily soiled, you should dampen down the area with a disinfectant like Germ Clear™ Bird Droppings Disinfectant Spray first. This will prevent the installer from inhaling any harmful bacteria in the dust and softens the loose droppings and debris, making it easier to scrape off. Wash down with warm soapy water and allow to dry for at least 24 hours. For a more in-depth guide on how to clean safely, please see our "How to safely clean bird droppings guide"

Step 2 - Fixing Methods: For the Defender® Extreme Gull, using fixing adhesive is recommended. The spikes can also be installed using cable ties, screws, or nails using the small holes already along the base.

Step 3 - Silicone: You will need a caulking gun (not provided) to use our Defender® silicone. Use the caulking gun to squeeze a bead of silicone about 8 mm wide along the base of the spike, the base is wide so be generous. The bottom of the Defender® Extreme Seagull spike can then be pressed onto the surface of the ledge or wall. If the surface is undulating or rough, you may need to use more silicone to ensure a secure hold.

Our Defender® Silicone will adhere to wood, metal, glass, ceramics, concrete, PVC, and many more surfaces. However, it is always important to check the suitability of surfaces for use with Defender® Silicone. For more information, please visit the product page Defender® Bird Spike Fixing Silicone. If you are ever unsure, call us on 01626 835055 and we will happily advise. If you do not have a caulking gun, we have them available to purchase here and we also have a handy guide on "How to use a Caulking Gun Guide" if you haven't used one before.

Step 4 - Positioning: It is important to position the gull spike correctly as seagulls can be very determined and will try to overcome them. The strip should be installed with the outer pins overhanging the leading edge. Push the spike down firmly and the silicone will ooze through the 10 cross-shaped holes and lock the spike into position. These holes can also be used for screws or nails too. If the gap behind the front row is greater than 10 cm (4 inches) another row should be installed as determined seagulls will try to get in behind. Leave as small a gap as possible between the rows, in fact the pins can be allowed to overlap.

Step 5 - Full Protection: Repeat the process until the area is fully protected. Every effort should be made to spike all possible landing sites 2.5 cm or greater. On large areas, 2 or 3 rows may be needed. The Extreme Gull has 4 snap points along the base where the user can break the strip into smaller sections with their fingers, allowing this seagull deterrent spike to fit perfectly on any size ledge and installation.

Step 6 – Cavities and Raised Sections: Seagulls can be very possessive of their chosen nesting or roosting sites, returning every year to the same spot. If there are raised sections above the ledge being protected, every effort should be made to protect these too. If there is a hole or cavity behind the area, make sure this is blocked and no birds are trapped within.

High Quality Stainless Steel Extreme Gull Spikes

The Defender® Extreme Seagull Spike comes with a dependable 25-Year Warranty valid for UK installations, guaranteeing no rust once installed. The 304 Grade stainless steel wires are a high quality steel that does not corrode in the elements. These wires protrude from a UV Stabilised Polycarbonate base, which does not become brittle or discolour in direct sunlight. You may find that the lower-quality seagull spikes acan rust in a matter of years, so always look for our warranty-protected UK-manufactured Defender® Stainless Steel Extreme Gull Spikes.

Made in the UK

Defender® seagull control products are made by Jones and Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd in Devon, UK. They are invented, designed, produced, and manufactured in-house. This ensures we always deliver high-quality pigeon control products.

For full terms and conditions of the Defender® Bird Spikes UK Warranty please see our Warranty Information Page.

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