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Installer of the Month June 2023 Tweed Pest Control

Introducing our first winner of the Defender® Bird Spikes Installer of the Month for June 2023. Congratulations to Kevin and Sheena Patterson, who are Tweed Pest Control from the Scottish Borders.

We have asked Kevin to tell us a little bit about himself so here goes:

Kevin was a Ghillie on the River Tweed for 29 years. For those of you who are unsure what a ghillie is, it is a term specific to Scotland for a guide on fishing, hunting, deer stalking and even hawking. This has given Kevin extensive knowledge and experience in wildlife management and habitats. He also did a bit of pest control in his spare time. He combines both traditional and modern methods of pest control, always looking to deal with the issues in the most humane way.

Due to a change in circumstances in 2021, Kevin was able to go self-employed full-time and concentrate on Tweed Pest Control and he loves every moment of it! He covers all the pests, from wasps, insects, rabbits, rats and moles to of course pigeons and seagulls. Living in the Scottish Borders and also covering the East Coast of Scotland means he has a large area to cover, but nothing fazes Kevin and he doesn’t mind travelling to help out, delivering a professional efficient service throughout the beautiful Scottish Borders countryside.

Tweed Pest Control has been doing bird control jobs for about 3 years now. Customers will call Kevin and Sheena to advise and install bird proofing to keep pigeons and seagulls off their properties. It is always advisable to employ a specialist bird control company, especially for those tricky areas. It can be quite complicated to estimate how many spikes are needed to complete a job, often it looks simple from the ground until you get up there and make a start. Also, Kevin is at complete ease when it comes to working at height, which is where those pesky birds tend to perch! He loves using Defender® Bird Spike products for these jobs because as he says, ‘they work and are a tried and tested product used by many pest controllers.’ His favourite spike is the Defender® Narrow Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes, perfect for ledges and pipes where pigeons roost. It also helps that the Defender® office staff are very helpful and always cheery!

They were chosen as this month's winner because they undertook a tricky job moving some pigeons away from a storage container for a local business. They used Defender® Gutter Spikes and Defender® Narrow Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes. The installation looked excellent and the feedback from the customer was really positive. No more pesky pigeons causing havoc on their property.

Installer of the Month - Tweed Pest Control Installations

The best part of the job according to Kevin and Sheena is seeing the problem solved, the birds moved on and leaving the clients happy with the results. The independent reviews and testimonials from Tweed’s clients show just how happy and appreciative his customers are!

Finally, the best quote from Tweed Pest Control is ‘Defender® Bird Spikes are a great company! Please don't change!’ To Kevin and Sheena Patterson at Tweed Pest Control, we promise we won’t! A huge congratulations to Tweed Pest Control for not only winning June Installer of the Month but also for being our very first winner!

If you need to contact Tweed Pest Control for a bird or pest control issue in the Scottish Borders, take a look at Tweed's website.

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