Bing Analtics Defender® Chimney Pot Strap Bird Spike Pack

Defender® Chimney Pot Strap Bird Spike Pack


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Defender® Bird Guard Chimney Pot Strap Bird Spike

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Birds love to roost on the highest point on the roof to view potential feeding points. The Defender® Bird Guard Chimney Pot Strap Bird Spike Pack is ideal to move these perching birds onto other nesting areas, without hurting them. Once you stop seagulls and pigeons landing on chimney pots and chimney flues, they will often abandon the property altogether.

The Chimney Bird Guard Strap is designed to be left in place on any shape or size pot, it doesn't cover the open pot, so the chimney can be swept without having to remove it. It also comes with a reassuring 25 year 'No Rust' warranty, contained within the included 40 page bird and pigeon deterrent guide.

Included in the Defender® Chimney Pot Strap Bird Spike Pack:

  • 1 Defender® Chimney Pot Strap (1070 mm strips)

  • 40-Page Defender® Bird Deterrent Guide including information of Bird Droppings and Disease, Bird Control Laws, Why My Property? And 14 Pigeon and Seagull Deterrent Solutions.

  • 25 Year Defender® “No-Rust” Warranty Certificate

Defender® Chimney Pot Strap Bird Spike Pack- Key Features:

Chimney Protection

This Defender® Chimney Pot Strap Bird Spike is designed to fit the circumference of all chimney pots from the smallest up to a maximum of 1070 (42 inches).

Suitable For:

Pigeons, Seagulls and other like-sized birds.

Easy to Install

The strap simply wraps tightly around the top of the pot and is secured by hooking the spring into one of the fixing holes. For a simple guide to installation, please click here Defender® Chimney Pot Strap Bird Spikes - Installation Guide. However, there is a great installation guide on how to correctly install the chimney strap on the actual pack itself and within the informative Bird and Pigeon Deterrent Guide which is included.


Made from tough 304 Grade Stainless Steel which comes with a reassuring 25 year “No-Rust” warranty.

Adjustable Size

Along the entire base of the strap are many fixing holes which the spring can be hooked into allowing for any size pot or flue to be proofed.


Can be used on all chimney pots and flues, square or round. Does not block the flue, so the chimney can still be swept.

Additional Accessories

Its likely that if you need to proof the chimney, seagulls and pigeons may move to your ridge tiles. Do consider proofing this area at the same time in order to remain bird free. We recommend our Defender® Roof Ridge Bird Spikes 3 Metre Pack.

Reviews of Defender® Bird and Seagull Spikes

Our Defender® Bird and Gull Spikes have stopped pigeons and seagulls landing on properties for years. Please read our Seagull and Pigeon Spike Reviews here.
If you have a question about the Defender® Chimney Pot Strap Bird Spike Pack, please contact us and we will help you move seagulls and pigeons off your chimney for good!

If you are interested in becoming a supplier of our Defender® retail packs or any of our other products, please call our customer service team for more details on 01626 835055.

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