How to Solve Your Bird Problem

How to solve your pigeon control issue?

Individual homeowners who experience bird problems can take action to help solve their pigeon issue using Defender® Bird Control Spikes. These are a humane method of preventing pigeons and similar birds from landing on problem areas. Although they seem aggressive, they are the only pigeon control product recommended by independent and expert bodies, such as the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS International). This is because they do not harm the birds. Initially, they act as a visual deterrent, and if they attempt to land, the spikes press into their breast and make it uncomfortable to perch without harming them. They will move on to a more accessible roosting site. Humane methods should always be considered before resorting to culling or lethal pigeon control.

Defender® Bird and Pigeon Spikes can be installed easily by the property owner rather than requiring the services of a specialist bird control contractor. Bird Spikes can be siliconed, nailed, cable tied or screwed in position, which means they are effective immediately. If you would like to learn more about installing the Defender® Bird Spike Range, please view our Bird Spike Installation Guide.

Always be aware that if you have pigeons perching on one area of your property, and you protect that area with bird control spikes, the birds may move to another area of the same building. When assessing your pigeon problem before ordering and installing anti-roosting spikes, you should identify all the arplaceshere pigeons may potentially relocate on your property and protect those areas.

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