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How to Solve Your Bird Problem


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There are many humane and inhumane methods throughout the world that can solve bird and pigeon problems. Some bird control methods available within the UK pest control marketplace include the installation of humane bird deterrents such as bird spikes, pigeon spikes, bird netting, pigeon post and wire and bird-scaring devices. Other methods of controlling bird populations are the use of artificial breeding facilities, culling, and even the use of live hawks.

Individual home owners who experience bird problems can also take action to help solve their pigeon issue using Defender™ Bird Control Spikes to protect their property. The only pigeon control product that is recommended by independent and expert bodies, such as the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS International) and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), is the Anti-Roosting Spike. This product is 100% effective as a pigeon control deterrent, certainly when installed according to manufacturer’s recommendations, and can be installed easily by the property owner rather than requiring the services of a specialist bird control contractor. The pigeon spike is humane and relatively inexpensive compared to the majority of standard bird control deterrents.

Always be aware that if you have pigeons perching on one area of your property, and you protect that area with bird control spikes, the birds may move to another area of the same building. When assessing your pigeon problem prior to ordering and installing anti-roosting spikes, you should identify all the areas where pigeons may potentially relocate on your property, and protect those areas as well. As pigeon control spikes are the most cost-effective deterrent on the market, the extra cost involved will be minimal. You will then have the satisfaction of knowing that you have comprehensively protected your property.

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