How to use a caulking gun with Defender® Adhesive

A caulking gun is a simple tool that allows silicone, adhesive or caulk to be pushed out of a plastic tube or cartridge. All Defender® Bird Spike Fixing Silicone is provided in a cartridge and cannot be used without a Caulking Gun.

Steps 1 – Preparing the nib of Defender® Fixing Silicone:
Before you put the silicone in the gun you will need to remove the sealed top to allow the glue out of the tube. This can simply be cut off with a stanley knife.

Steps 2 – Opening up the nozzel:
The tube comes with a nozzel which has a pre-cut hole, however for bird spike installation we would advise cutting the nozzle at a slight angle and about 1cm up from the tip. This allows for a 1cm diameter bead to be applied to the bottom of the spikes, for perfect adhesion to most surfaces.

Steps 3 – Screw back the nozzel into place:
Once complete, screw back on the application nozzle on to the tube.

How to use a silicone caulking gun step by step guide

Step 4 – Loading the Defender® Fixing Silicone into the caulking gun:
Place one hand on the trigger and the other on the metal rod coming out of the back of the gun. Using your trigger hand push your thumb on to the metal release pad and firmly pull the rod back as far as it will go. Place the application nozzle through the circular hole at the front of the gun and secure it in place by pushing the rod inside the bottom of the tube. Give the trigger a few squeezes until you start to feel some resistance.

Step 5 – Apply to the base of the spike:
Use the caulking gun trigger to gently squeeze Defender® Fixing Silicone onto the base of the spike. Apply along the entire length of the bird spike base and push down onto the surface you are prtecting.

Step 6 – Complete:
When complete, you can release the glue tube by pressing the thumb release tab and pulling back the metal rod.

How to use a caulking gun with Defender Silicone

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