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Meet No Birds Here.

You may have realised that having a bird problem is not limited to just the UK, birds are everywhere, from your humble starling to pesky pigeons and scary seagulls. By now we all know the best solution to moving birds on from your property is to install Defender® Bird Spikes. They are effective, humane and come with a confidence-boosting warranty. But here’s the catch, what if you live in Ireland and you want the best bird spikes in the world? Unfortunately, you are unable to buy through this website, but we have a solution for you.

No Birds Here is based in Kilteevan, Co Roscommon, in Ireland and are Defender® Bird Spikes recommended supplier of all our Defender® Spikes range. From the Defender® Plastic and Stainless Steel Bird Spikes to the more specialist spikes for gutters or chimneys, No More Birds stocks it all. Not only that, they have extensive knowledge on how to help you solve your bird issue and which products are best for you. They can talk you through how to install yourself however if you feel that’s above your DIY skills, they can recommend local companies in Ireland that are able to install for you.

So who are No Birds Here?

No Birds Here is owned and run by husband and wife team, Peter and Natalie Halford. Peter’s background is in the construction industry which is a huge advantage when dealing with the problems that bird infestations can create. Peter originally established Safenet Ireland Ltd which supplied and installed safety netting which in turn led to them providing and installing bird netting. They then branched out into bird spiking and stocking the Defender® Bird Spike range. This background has provided Peter with an invaluable knowledge base on bird-proofing issues and the health and safety that surrounds it.

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Whilst at Safenet, Peter worked alongside David Woodford, who is currently a consultant to No Birds Here. David and his wife Kerstin, took over the bird prevention side of Peter’s business (and changed its name to No Birds Here), when Peter moved to New Zealand, and the company focused more on supplying Defender® Bird Spikes as a bird control solution in Ireland. Recently David has decided to retire and has handed the company over to Peter and Natalie.

Providing Quality Customer Service

Peter and David’s experience dealing with and running various companies throughout their careers has made customer service the main focus of No Bird Here. The needs of the customer are foremost, whether they are domestic, trade or commercial, indeed, they offer the same high-quality support to a customer that buys one metre of Defender® Bird Spikes to a customer that buys several hundred metres. No Birds Here pride themselves on always providing a solution to a customer's bird control issue even going as far as to recommend alternatives if that is what the situation calls for.

No Birds Here - Our Irish Distributor of Defender Bird Spikes

If you are based in Ireland and need to solve a bird control issue using Defender® Bird Spikes, take a look No Birds Here website. Give them a call or drop them a line, with the combined experience of Peter, Natalie and David, they will solve your bird issue.

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