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Defender® Bird Deterrent Spikes


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Defender® Bird Deterrent Spikes have been used by the professional pest control industry and property maintenance companies for many years as a guaranteed method of stopping birds roosting and fouling on homes and businesses. Birds and pigeons will roost on high up areas on buildings, like window sills, ledges, beams, rafters, roof tops, chimney pots, ridge tiles and in gutters etc. These perching places give the birds an excellent vantage point from which to spot nearby food sources. Unfortunately, the consequence is the pigeons foul onto the building’s façade, causing damage, unsightliness and a potential health and safety hazard to the occupants.

How to Get Rid of Birds

To get rid of birds permanently, a long term solution is needed, while also being a humane method of bird control. The Defender® Bird Spike comes in UV stabilised polycarbonate plastic with a 15-Year Warranty, and also in 304 grade stainless steel which has a confidence-boosting 25-Year Warranty.

The bird deterrents that Defender® offer are all humane. When installed correctly, the bird spikes ensure that pigeons and seagulls can no longer land to roost on roofs and ledges and are therefore encouraged to roost elsewhere, keeping your home and property free from bird droppings. For this reason, it is imperative that all areas that are potential perching sites are fitted with anti-roosting spikes to get rid of birds from your property completely.

Installing Bird Deterrent Spikes

The Defender® Bird Deterrent Spikes are made in the UK by Jones and Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd and are regarded as the best humane bird deterrent solution and the finest anti-roosting system available. One of the most important aspects of the bird deterrent spike is the ease of installation. There is no need to employ a professional pest control company. The Defender® Anti-Roosting Spike is simply glued down onto a clean dry surface. The strips of bird deterrent can be snapped to the correct length before using the adhesive, with no need for specialist pest control equipment. The Defender® Bird Deterrent Spike is then ready to go!

Please email us through our contact page or call our office on 01626 835055 for helpful and friendly advice on how Defender® Bird Deterrent Spikes can be used to help get rid of birds roosting on your home and property.

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