Defender® Bird Deterrent Spikes

Defender® Thistle Bird Deterrent Spikes stopping garden birds landing on a fence panel

Bird deterrents are systems designed to stop birds from landing or roosting on buildings. Pigeons and seagulls can be a real nuisance to property owners; they will try to roost on the high up areas on buildings like rooftops, chimney pots, ridge tiles, window sills, ledges, beams, rafters and in gutters. These perching places give the birds an excellent vantage point from which to spot nearby food sources. Unfortunately, the consequence is that the birds foul onto the building’s façade, causing damage, unsightliness and a potential health and safety hazard to the occupants.

Many people will initially try a DIY method to get rid of birds from their property. Wire mesh can be used to curve around chimneys or over gutters. Shiny objects like old CDs can be hung from windows, wires can be strung across ledges, or long nails can be hammered through a piece of wood mimicking bird deterrent spikes. These methods can be expensive, time-consuming, inhumane and ultimately ineffective in the long term.

How to Get Rid of Birds

To get rid of birds permanently, Defender® Bird Spikes should be installed. The professional pest control industry and property maintenance companies have used these bird deterrents for many years as a guaranteed method of stopping birds from roosting and fouling on homes and businesses. Bird Spikes are not only humane, recommended by PiCAS, but also incredibly easy to install with minimal DIY skills.

Installing Defender® Bird Deterrent Spikes

It is imperative that all areas that are potential perching sites are fitted with bird deterrent spikes to get rid of birds from your property completely. Bird spikes are incredibly easy to install; there is no need to employ a professional pest control company. The Defender® Pigeon Spike is glued down onto a clean, dry surface. The pre-assembled strips of bird deterrent can be snapped to the correct length using just your fingers before using the adhesive, with no need for specialist pest control equipment.

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