Defender® Pigeon Deterrent Spikes

Defender® Pigeon Deterrent Spikes are the only 100% effective solution for keeping pigeons away from your property's ledges, window sills and beams etc. These humane spikes have been used in the pest control industry for many years.

Pigeon deterrent spikes are a humane method of preventing pigeons and similar birds from landing on these problem areas. The Defender® Pigeon Deterrent Spikes are manufactured in the UK by Jones and Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd and are made from high quality, long lasting materials that you can depend on. The Defender® Plastic Pigeon Spikes come with a 15-Year Warranty and theDefender® Stainless Steel Pigeon Deterrent Spikes with a 25-Year Product Warranty. All the bird deterrent spikes are quick to install and will stop pigeons from being able to land or roost on problem ledges or sills as soon as they are in place.

How to keep pigeons and birds off ledges and roofs using bird spikes

How to Keep Birds & Pigeons Off Ledges

Pigeons and birds can often cause problems on your home. They may become attracted to the ledges as they offer a safe roosting or nesting site with possible access to a constant food source.

One of our customers explained:

We had new neighbours moving in recently, who have been throwing bread onto the lawn for the birds. Unfortunately, they did not seem to realise that this only tends to attract pigeons, and we were inundated with many pigeons congregating around our house and next door, sitting on our top two windows, which have a small ledge protruding. We have a conservatory below, and the consequential mess on the glass roof was awful.

After speaking to a member of our helpful team and explaining the issue, we were able to advise the homeowner to install the correct Defender® Pigeon Deterrent Spikes along the affected ledges. Once installed, the bird deterrents quickly stopped the pigeon problem and moved the birds along humanely without injuring them. The spikes simply make it uncomfortable for the birds to land and they move on to an easier roosting site, in this case back to the neighbour who was creating the issue by feeding the unwanted birds.

After a successful installation the customer explained: "We ordered the spikes and since fitting, a simple job, the birds now sit permanently on next door’s window ledges! No more messy windows on our side..."

Stop Pigeon Problems with Pigeon Deterrent Spikes

The Defender® Pigeon Deterrent Spikes have been used extensively within the pest control and property maintenance industries for many years. They are used to keep pigeons off potential problem areas like window sills, ledges, beams, rafters, roof tops, chimney pots, ridge tiles, gutters and wooden fence panels etc. The humane spikes deter pigeons from landing on your property, keeping your home or business free from bird droppings.

If you need advice or assistance to solve your pigeon problem please telephone our customer service number on 01626 835055 for free, practical and friendly advice on how pigeon deterrent spikes can be used to help.

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