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January 2018 - Defender Bird Spikes Blog


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Pigeon on roof ridge

Why Pigeons and Seagulls Choose Your Property

People often wonder why pigeons and seagulls choose their particular property to roost on while completely ignoring their neighbours building. Discovering why birds congregate on the roofs and ledges is the first step to learning how to move them on.

Bird Droppings - How to remove them safely

The link between bird droppings and disease

No-one likes their homes, cars or patios covered in bird droppings. Its unsightly, dirty and unhygienic. Yet, we come into contact with it everyday. The fear in living so closely with pigeon guano, is that we could become infected by dangerous diseases – but is this the truth?

Reducing pigeon numbers in towns and cities  - homeless man feeding birds

Reducing pigeon numbers in towns and cities

Although originally a woodland bird, the modern pigeon favours the urban landscape. These city dwelling pigeon flocks can grow to enormous numbers and are seen in all towns and cities worldwide. Find out what can be done now to significantly reduce flock numbers here.

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