Defender® Thistle® Bird Spike Product Highlight

Welcome to the Defender® Thistle® Spike. This spike is the newest member of the Defender® Spike Family and is quickly becoming a firm favourite with tradespeople and domestic customers alike. Read on to find out why this product highlight blog.

What is the Defender® Thistle® bird spike?

The Defender® Thistle is a great catch-all bird spike, it can literally deter ALL birds from all areas. Traditionally bird spikes are made to stop one type of bird only which can be problematic when different species are roosting in the same area. The Defender® Thistle® solves this problem, as it is great for areas that attract both seagulls and pigeons but can also be used to move on smaller birds like starlings and sparrows.

The reason for this adaptability is the incredibly dense pattern of pins. Unbelievably there are 80 pins arranged in 8 angled rows per strip. This creates an impenetrable barrier which can protect ledges up to 90 mm in depth, perfect for a fence top or windowsill. Remember as with all the Defender® Bird Spikes, if the ledge is wider, just add another row.

What features make the Defender® Thistle® so special?

One of the unique features of the Defender® Thistle® is the pins. Not only are they arranged in a very dense pattern, but they are also only 62 mm high, half the height of traditional bird spikes. This height caters for those customers who want a more discreet bird spike fitted, as once it is installed on a high ledge, it is almost invisible from the ground.

The Thistle® spike is moulded in a single piece from UV-stabilised polycarbonate Duralon this is a high-performance plastic, which offers superior mechanical strength and temperature-resistant properties, Defender® use this polycarbonate as it suffers no mechanical loss from minus 20 degrees to 130 degrees Celsius perfect for our UK weather.

Thistle® strips are 333 mm, the same as all our Defender® spikes. Along the base, there are 4 Defender® snapping points so you can snap by hand to finish a length perfectly, install on uneven surfaces or even curved surfaces. It is so easy to snap to size which means you don’t have to carry around extra cutting tools.

Of course, the base design includes the classic Defender® cross-shaped silicone locking holes of which there are 38! Once silicone adhesive has been applied to the base of the Thistle® and pressed into position, the glue oozes through these holes and locks the bird spike in place.

How do I know the Defender® Thistle® is a true Defender® bird spike?

Finally, always check you have a true Defender® Thistle by looking for our name on the base as this means, if you are installing in the UK, it comes with a 15-year warranty.

If you have any questions about the Defender® Thistle®, would like some guidance on installation or would just like a chat, give us a call on 01626 835055 or send us an email at

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