Defender® Wide Stainless Steel Bird Spike Product Highlight

If you ever wondered what features make the Defender® Wide Stainless Steel Bird Spike such a popular product with the bird control trade, councils and architects, read on and all will be explained in this product highlight blog.

What is the Defender® Wide Stainless Steel Bird Spike?

The versatile Defender® Wide Stainless Steel Bird Spikes is perfect for deterring pigeons from ledges due to the wide spread of steel pins that protrude from its base. It has 20 pins arranged in 4 angled rows along the full length. This fan of pins means it can comfortably protect ledges up to 150 mm. Of course, if the ledge is wider, just add another row to fully protect the ledge and stop those determined birds from landing there.

What’s special about the metal that the spike is made from?

The stainless steel pins are 112 mm high and are made from 304-Grade Stainless Steel. This is the grade we use as standard as it has great corrosion-resistant properties, essentially this means it won’t rust when installed outside. No one wants to see rust-coloured streaks staining the front of the building!

If you are installing in a particularly exposed area like the coast, we can supply the Defender® Wide with 316 Marine Grade Steel for added durability. It has the added element of Molybdenum which is very resistant to the sodium chloride or salt, that is found in coastal areas. Just give us a call on 01626 835055 and we can discuss those options with you.

What unique features does the Defender® Wide Steel Spike have?

The base of the Defender® Wide strip is 333 mm long so 3 strips cover a metre. Its 40 mm wide base is moulded from UV-stabilised polycarbonate Duralon which is a high-performance temperature-resistant plastic that suffers no mechanical loss from minus 20 degrees to 130 degrees Celsius. Perfect for installation of bird spike in the UK where often the weather can vary wildly!

The base of the spike is moulded into the recognisable Defender® staggered shape with 9 snap points along the length. No need to take cutting tools on the job, it’s really easy to snap the strip by hand to finish an awkward-length ledge or cover an uneven surface.

Another classic Defender® design is the cross-shaped silicone locking holes in the base. There are 11 holes along the length. Once silicone adhesive has been applied to the base and the bird spike pressed into position, the glue will ooze through these holes and once the silicone has hardened, will lock the bird spike in place.

Are Defender® Bird Spikes high quality?

Finally, always check you have a true Defender® Wide Stainless Steel Bird Spikes by looking for our name stamped onto the middle of the base. All the Defender® steel bird spikes are made individually by hand in our Devon warehouse, which means we offer guaranteed quality and if you are installing in the UK, these spikes will be covered by our 25-year ‘No Rust’ warranty.

If you would like to talk to our great customer service team about the Defender® Wide Bird Spike or any other spike in the Defender® range, give us a call on 01626 835055 or email

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