Why Defender® Bird Spikes are THE experts

David Jones - Bird Spike Expert est 1997

Why are we the experts on bird spikes? The simple answer is that we don’t supply or manufacture any other type of bird control, we uniquely deal only with bird spikes and we have first-hand knowledge of bird control methods and installation.

To understand why Defender® Bird Spikes are experts, let's look into the background of the company. David Jones, who set up Jones and Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd in the 1990s, came from a pest control background. Previously for 10 years, he was employed by a North London pest control company where he treated premises for the usual rats, mice and cockroach infestations. It was while he was here, that he learnt how to proof against birds, mainly using netting and bird spikes. Either on his own or as part of a team, David would see a project through from start to finish, from the initial site visit, preparing a quote, to installation. While working, he realised that there was a huge gap in bird spike availability. Not only did the majority of bird spikes come from abroad, but there was a distinct lack of specialist products. There were no roof ridge spikes, chimney spikes, ways to attach spikes to guttering or even wide ledges! There was also no value choice. Bird spikes only came in a rather pricy stainless steel.

The Defender Bird Spikes warehouse - Devon UK Bird Spike Manufacturers

So what did David do? He left his job, sold his house and invested in injection moulding tooling to develop, make and patent his own range of bird spikes that bridge the gaps. The patent process is very in-depth and David has become the expert on submitting patents where he identifies the unique innovations and features that make our Defender® Bird Spikes so special. He did look into the netting side of bird control, but the complexity of manufacture and cost proved prohibitive. Fast forward 25 years and Defender® Bird Spikes now has a range of over 20 bird spike products that can be fitted literally anywhere, all born out of the knowledge that only a bird control installer would know.

Our sales team draw heavily on David's extensive knowledge and we talk birds and bird spikes all day long, whether that’s among ourselves, answering emails, chatting to customers on the telephone, reviewing photos, going on-site visits or helping with quotes. At Defender® Bird Spikes we are fully immersed in bird spikes! So we all understand the positives and the pitfalls of a job, especially when doing the initial quote. It may be the time to get to site has been underestimated, or how long it takes to get the goods there or even how long it takes to complete the installation. Lets not forget not allowing enough time for surfaces to dry after cleaning, so an installation can’t go ahead the same day.

The origional Defender Bird Spike Team

Our Defender® team is skilled in giving advice on all these potential issues. We love looking and discussing photos of sites, suggesting the perfect Defender® Bird Spike that suit the problem areas, indicating how many metres of spikes will be needed and how access can be gained. We have been doing this for a long time, love a bit of research and have a very low turnover of staff. Although we do claim to be experts in bird spikes, we never stop learning new things. We have a fantastic rapport with all our customers and through feedback, chatting, discussing and listening to their bird control needs, we have developed and increased our knowledge of bird proofing situations and other methods. It may be that bird spikes are not quite the right fit for a situation and we have no qualms in suggesting an alternative system even though we don’t supply it. Ultimately, we want the customer to be happy and the bird issue to be solved.

Now over to you, give us a call on 01626 835055, email over a picture to sales@jonesandson.co.uk or WhatsApp a video to 07300240435 and test us!

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