How to Stop Pigeons Landing on a Ledge

Defender® Dave will show you how to use Defender® Extra Wide Stainless Steel Bird Spikes to stop pigeons from landing on a parapet wall. They simply act like a barrier, both physically and visually, preventing pigeons from landing on ledges without hurting them.

Jones and Son have been manufacturing and selling Defender® Bird Spikes in Devon for 25 years and the Defender® Extra Wide Bird Spike is one of its bestsellers. It has 30 protruding pins which fan out in 6 different angles. They act like a barrier, preventing pigeons from landing on ledges without hurting them.

The high-up position of a parapet wall provides a great vantage point for pigeons to watch out for feeding opportunities. Inevitably, they will cover the wall and the pathways below with droppings. The acidic nature of their droppings can stain the parapet wall and if there is a build-up on the path below, they will become slippery when wet.

To install the Defender® Extra Wide Stainless Steel Bird Spike, firstly make sure the ledges are clean and dry. Then using Defender Bird spike fixing silicone, squeeze a bead of glue all along the base. Position the strip on the wall so that the tips of the wires overhang the edge of the ledge slightly. Press down so that silicone oozes up through the holes locking it into position. The base can be snapped by hand to finish off a row exactly.

When the pigeons return, the 6 rows of wires on this Defender® Spike make it impossible for them to land. It is a very humane way of moving pigeons on. Take a look at the product page for Defender® Extra Wide Spike for more information and how to buy.

Remember, Defender® Dave keeping you safe in your property!

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