How to use Defender® Wide Anti-Bird Spikes and Do They Work?

No one wants pigeons landing on their windowsills; they can be noisy and create a mess. Defender® Dave is going to show you how to stop bird landing using Defender® Anti-bird Spikes.

Watch before shots of pigeons landing on a window ledge and then see how effective anti-bird spikes are to stop pigeons completely. He will show you how easy it is to install Defender® Wide Stainless Steel Anti-bird Spikes on a window sill, using Defender® Fixing Silicone. This is the recommended silicone to use with anti-bird spikes to ensure they stay in place for years.

Look how the silicone adhesive oozes through the special holes in the Defender® anti-bird spike bases creating a lock, so once the adhesive cures, the spikes stay firmly in place.

See footage of pigeons returning to the same window ledge and trying to land. The spikes do not hurt the birds, they simply make it uncomfortable for the pigeon to land and they move on to somewhere more accessible. If you would like to read more information on Defender® Wide Stainless Steel Bird Spikes, take a look at the product page.

Remember, Defender® Dave keeping you safe in your property!

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